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Večer s představením „Nothing else, Mothers“ a koncertem World Music v paláci Gorzanów

Performance „Nothing else, Mothers” directed by Dominika Špalková and Anna Klimešová (CZ) supported by Visegrad Artist Residency – Performing Arts

performers: Antonie Formanová, Cécile Da Costa, Marie Čtveráčková – DJ Mary C
choreography: Cécile Da Costa
music: Marie Čtveráčková – DJ Mary C
scenography and costumes: Karolína Kotrbová
light design: Eliška Kociánová
producer: ProFitArt, z.s.

The presentation is followed by postshow talk for audience

8pm: World music concert
“Folk Songs” by Zurakowska Ewa and guests
Local band and international artists from Prague

TICKETS: "pay what you want" after the concert
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About the performance:

The concept of theatre author's project „Nothing else, Mothers“ is based on the relationship between mother and daughter and the issues that this relationship brings. The production works with constellations of relationships, pressure and traction, tension and relaxation. Thanks to the theatre we can act them, authentically react to them from the present.

"About mothers and daughters: Is it possible not to resemble your mother? What do you carry together and what each of you carries separately? Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see you. How similar are our gestures? How different
are our memories?
We carry each other. Sometimes I leave you. Sometimes you leave me. The cycle of understanding and misunderstanding. We care for each other. I was inside you. You were inside me. How can we communicate?"

We have been thinking about Polish residency as their theatrical language and overall perception of the theatre, considering the rich and very specific theatre history, is inspiring to get surrounded by while creating the production.

Supported by: International Visegrad fund, City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic